Fast personal credit: immediate response in principle at the best rate

 How to find a quick personal loan, but above all a good APR rate to carry out your project? We will see that not all large organizations offer interesting offers. Comparison of rates and simple method to get a favorable personal credit report immediately.

Fast personal credit, for what project?

Fast personal credit, for what project?

Personal credit – or personal loan – is a consumer credit without proof of use of money . It is offered by a multitude of players, starting with online credit organizations and banks. This consumer credit is certainly the most requested. It makes it possible to finance holidays as well as to afford a new car, or simply to meet a need for cash. Here are its main features:

  • Amount: credit 1000 USD to 75,000 USD 
  • Duration: 12 to 84 months, rarely more
  • Rate: fixed APR
  • Type of credit: without proof of use

Where to apply for personal credit?

Applying for a personal loan quickly does not mean giving up looking for the best rate. Better credit and quick personal loan are quite compatible. Our credit comparator guarantees precisely:

  • The best online personal credit rate among the best organizations on the market (bankil, Yoabank, etc.)
  • A response to his immediate request and a confirmation by email within 24 hours

Comparison of APR rates

Comparison of APR rates

We carried out a credit simulation of 10,000 USD over 48 months and another of 5,000 USD over 24 months, based on the APR rate. This quick analysis of the best consumer credit rates will allow us to realize that all the best organizations do not guarantee cheap credit in all circumstances.

The cheapest personal credit from our comparator is twice less expensive than that of the third in the case of the 10,000 USD loan. The best 5000 USD credit is three times less expensive than that completing the podium. The organizations appearing in the top3 of the best rates are however always reputed. Using a comparator is important so as not to end up with too expensive credit on your hands.

The APR, a reference

The APR rate (annual effective annual rate) is the benchmark rate in the field of consumer loans. The APR makes it possible to calculate the real cost of a loan, once put in direct relation with the amount and the duration of repayment. Always trust the APR on a comparator or when studying a credit offer.

How long does it take to get personal credit quickly?

How long does it take to get personal credit quickly?

It is always necessary to wait at least eight days before obtaining the money for a personal loan, once the final agreement has been obtained. We will therefore focus our attention on not wasting time in the process of obtaining and validating. Here are the steps to complete to increase your chances of getting fast credit:

1. Start a simulation of personal credit rates on our comparator, indicating the amount of the request and the desired repayment duration.
2. Complete the credit questionnaire in four minutes and as many simple steps (identity, situation, budget).
3. The best APR rates for the day are displayed, along with the associated organization.
4. Our comparator immediately questions the best organization, which gives an immediate answer in principle. In the event of a favorable opinion (acceptability> 50%), the confirmation is sent by email within 24 hours.
5. In the event of a negative opinion (acceptability <5%), the second, then the third organization can be queried with a single click.
6. All that remains is to prepare the usual supporting documents for personal credit (identity document, tax notice, latest salary statements, bank details, proof of address) in order to integrate them into the contract.

The eight-day period begins when the contract is signed. The organization will study the request within 4 to 8 days. It is possible to get the money in your account in 11 to 12 days by doing it the right way.

What to think of the banks’ credit offer?

What to think of the banks

Banks are late compared to offers from online credit organizations (personal loan bankil, Bankate, Yoabank, etc.). Most online specialists were also founded by the big banks. Most of the time, a traditional or online bank only grants loans to its customers. Our experience in comparing quick personal credit offers allows us to advise against bank offers.

The process of obtaining personal credit in a bank is often much longer, since the request must be studied by an adviser. Banks are also reluctant to grant loans without proof of use. They are generally reserved for the best customers, those whose situation is stable and well controlled over time. However, nothing prevents you from approaching your bank once the online credit contract has been obtained.

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