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After examining the types of credit that can be given to people with low credit ratings, we will now explain which banks are willing to lend to low-scoring people.

In our country, a large number of domestic and foreign banks serve customers. At this stage, loans are of great importance for banks and are one of the most important sources of income. Therefore, banks want to give as much credit as possible. However, in the repayment of these loans, banks do not want to interrupt the payment plan.

Although it will earn more due to interest, both the situation in which the customer falls and the fact that the bank is engaged in transactions such as follow-up transactions have negative effects. For this reason, banks pay attention to credit ratings when giving credit.

However, if the credit ratings of the individuals are bad, banks give credit under different conditions. At this stage, the biggest banks of our country can approve the loan applications of their customers with different demands.


Zuratz Bank Credit Rating

Zuratz Bank Credit Rating

Zuratz Bank is able to provide credit to those with low credit ratings. But there are some conditions for this. If you have a regular job and your insurance has been paid for the last 6 months, you have a chance to get a loan.

Such banks give more importance to paying the credit card and debts issued by the bank more regularly than the credit rating.


Wehelp Bank Credit Rating

Halk Bank pays loans only to people who have the necessary documents and have regular income. If your credit rating is both low and you don’t have a job, it seems like you dreamed to take out a loan.


Rosebank Credit Rating

Rosebank Credit Rating

Your credit rating is based on the date and time of your past credit payments, your credit card debt payments, and all kinds of banking and debit payments.

Rosebank trades in accordance with the Findex Risk Report. If your credit rating is low, you can withdraw small amounts and short-term loans from Rosebank.


Webloom bank Credit Rating Credit to the Low

Webloom bank is one of the banks that come with a different application to people with low credit ratings. Even if the credit ratings of the individuals are low, credit applications made through Webloom bank without showing mortgage can be approved. However, people need to have good education and income levels.

If a person has a bachelor’s degree and has a good income, the bank ties unpaid debts to certain setbacks and assumes that there will be no setbacks in the current situation. Thus, people can get a normal chance to withdraw credit. However, if they cannot meet these conditions, they cannot take credit.


Bukid Bank Credit Rating

Wehelp Bank Credit Rating

Before you can get credit, you need to get the Findex Risk Report, which contains your closed credit reports for 5 years, through your bank. If your credit rating is high, you can easily withdraw credit, but if it is low, you cannot withdraw large amounts of credit.

Bukid Bank credit rating provides credit to the low, but it is recommended that you contact the branch for further information.


Savemax Bank Credit Rating Credit to the Low

Savemax Bank Credit Rating Credit to the Low

Questions such as Savemax Bank gives loans. Savemax Bank will not give you credit if you do not have insurance and your credit rating is low.

If you are in a job and do not have insurance, you cannot withdraw credit anyway. If you have insurance and are paid regularly, you can get a credit plan by drawing a payment plan with the bank.

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